Acephate / Orthene

Acephate is commonly used to protect trees, turf and ornamentals from a variety of insect pests.

Acephate works effectively in two complimentary ways: first, controlling insects on contact, then penetrating plant tissue for local systemic control. Plants usually absorb Acephate within 24 hours, so its stopping power is unaffected by rain, irrigation or sprinklers.

Low oral and dermal toxicity, plus low vapor pressure and volatility means Acephate can be applied without a mask. Labeled for: outdoor and perimeter spray, golf courses and sod farms, trees and shrubs, container-grown nursery stock, non-crop-area ant control, greenhouse/outdoor floral crops and ground covers.

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Orthene Acephate 75% WSP Insecticide

Orthene Turf, Tree & Ornimental Acephate 75% WSP Non-Crop Insecticide

Active Ingredient: Acephate 75%

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